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We are a full service metal parts manufacturer of all types of metals and thickness from 24 gauge to 7 gauge.  We work with Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel, Stainless, Phenolic and more.  Our mission is to provide service that creates a quality part at a very competitive price.  We can help in the developement of your part to find the best price.


Our fabricating department is our newest addition to Jiffy Metal.  We stock CRS, Galvaneal, Galvanized, 5052 H32 Aluminum, 6061 T6 Aluminum, 260 Brass, and 304 Stainless 20 to 11 gauge so we can give you timely service at a competitive price.  We are equipped with CNC Turret Presses, CNC Press Brakes,  CNC Shear, CNC Plasma Cutter, Pemserters, Tig, Mig, and Spot welding equipment. 

We are looking for new customers to grow this area of our business by offering

very competitive pricing to earn your business.  If the work matches up to our equipment, we will try to beat your current price.

Four Slides
Four Slides


Jiffy Metal has been doing four slide since the beginning.  Our capabilities can handle wire from .020 to 7 gauge and flat stock from .015 to 16 gauge with widths starting at .187 to 2 inches.  Run quantities from thousands to the millions.

This is a great alternative to metal stamping that allows for low tooling cost compared to metal stamping dies.  As much as 75% less.  Tooling lead time is also at a minimum as we build in house.

Punch Press
Metal Stamping

Metal stamping was the core of our business when it all started.  Our tool room can build tooling for your custom needs and maintain your tools for years to come.  Punch presses ranging from 18 tons to 115 tons, we can handle .012 to 11 gauge material.  Not only can we stamp your parts, we have the flexibility to finish parts with our wide range of secondary processes such as spot welding, ​tapping, assembly, and more making us a one stop shop.

Simple to moderate dies are built in house at an extreme discount.  Quite often 50% less than tool and die shops.  We want your stamping business and undercharge for the tooling to have your stamping business. 

Secondary Work
Secondary Work

In addition to the services above, we also provide secondary work in tapping, tack welding, hardware insertion, spot welding, and assembly.  

We work to keep most operations in house so we control when and how things get done.  Usually the only outside processes are heat treat and finishes when needed. 

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